Courtney & Tyler Herndon

With loyal companions Rocco & Penny

Hello to our family and friends that use this site to stay up to date with our travels. Old and new friends are welcome here as well as those that may only take an occasional piece of inspiration or entertainment from our lives.

For those that may not know us well, we have been “overlanding” the United States with our two pups for over a year now. Not on an epic national park or other recreational pursuit, but simply to enjoy our time together and experience the most beautiful places in the country.

Together we'll find our favorite places on earth

As long as there's sunshine, it could be mountains or surf

After leaving our corporate jobs to start an online marketing business in January 2020, we quickly realized our location was no longer restricted by our work.

Knowing we didn’t plan on living in Tyler’s home state of Maryland forever, we set the goal to see as much of our beautiful country as possible before deciding where to plant our roots. In order to do this, we downsized from our expensive rental home to a 60 square foot truck camper.

We sold everything we didn’t need and set off in our trusted Cummins powered Ram. Our blog will outline all of our favorite experiences, people and the things we learn along the way.

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